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The End of 2009

Well, here we are at the end of another year. It feels as if the start of the year was not too long ago... But I guess 365 days aren't that much after all.

Up's and down's came and went but today I am content with myself. Overall it was a good year and certainly a highlight in my life.

The start of my carreer is the one thing I can emphasize that has been my ultimate high. And I can only thank my parents for the biggest gift (besides creating me :-D ) when they agreed to take me to the interview I had at Thumbtribe ( on the 29th of June
this year. At that time I had nearly nothing in the bank, not even enough to make the trip to the interview and back.

13:20: Ok, just came back from the bank, went to sort out financial positions.

So, after a post ( from regarding Blue Moon and playing around with Xephem ( I have established a time for Ballito when we will be able to see the eclipse as well. By 20:50 SAST (18:50 UCT) in a North-Eastern direction, 20° above the horison you will be able to witness the start of the partial eclipse until 21:55 SAST.
Hopefully the weather will play along nicely so it can be observed :)

Think I'm going to relax for the rest of the day. So happy new years to everyone and be responsible during this time.


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