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Knysna Forest Half Marathon - 7 July 2018

7 July 2018 "Shosholoza Kulezo ntaba Stimela siphume South Africa Kulezo ntaba Stimela siphume South Africa Wen' uyabaleka Kulezo ntaba Stimela siphume South Africa" Around the crackling fire the words echoed in the crisp 4˚C morning air, the words we sang as people coming together. Red blankets everywhere. Some people seated on the ground, others standing, everyone just trying to get a bit of heat from the fires made for us to keep us from freezing. We are all waiting for the start of the 35th Knysna Forest Marathon and Half Marathon. Songs playing on the loud speakers while the sound engineer tries to sort out static in the audio. Commentary from the MC as more people arrive. I fiddle, no, struggle with my race bib to transfer it from the back of my shirt onto my camelback as I've only noticed very late that the camelback covered my number on my back! Standing up was no good so I dropped just there on the spot to fix it! (bless those blankets!) A

From Cape to Cairo, or rather for me, From Ballito to Cape Town

It has been a while since I've written anything deep. Well, come to think of it, I have not written anything lately. I tend not to write anything unless I know that what I write will matter. This post is essentially to collect my recent events and what I am keeping myself busy with. The year went its course and at the start of 2014 I never would have thought that I will be in Cape Town by the end of the year. I mean, I was getting itchy to keep an eye out for a place to buy in Ballito, but knew that my budget isn't reaching yet, so I had my hopes up. Unfortunately life throws doge balls around and things went sour. I can not say that the months leading up to me starting to open up the possibility of a new job was an adventure. It was filled with frustration and hard work without reward. You know, sometimes a simple 'thank you' is going a long way, but that did not happen often. And the point came where it was expected to work even harder after 4-and-a-bit years

Pet Peeve in the Grocery Shops

Today I realised just how bad a pet peeve I have! Now look, I'm usually the get-in-get-out kind of guy when it comes to grocery shopping. I don't trot around waiting for better days until I check out. Apparently there are a lot of people that will die within a couple of minutes and need to open a sweet packet or carton of juice or something before they reach the till-point. It annoys the life out of me! For goodness' sake, I can understand when there is a mom with a baby and it looks like she's in need, but when an adult does it, I just want to walk up to them and ask: "Are you happy now? Do you feel like a kid again?" and see their blank reaction. I am pretty sure it becomes an act of habit, and they don't care. But please mind the people around you. In the eyes of the people that can at least wait until they get out the shop, you look like a criminal. Please, all these people that can't wait for the shop exit, grow up. Learn a little patience

The Big A

Alright, so I am an atheist/agnostic/freethinker/secular humanist. I don't know what to say really. But I do feel that most people close to me would expect an explanation. However, I am not going to explain myself, but rather try to describe how I got where I am - something like a mini biography, if you would. Growing up Growing up I had an inquisitive mind. Call it a form of ADD, but I wanted to know everything there is to know about everything. How does this work, how does that work? Why? Why not? But why does it work like that? We had a set of books at home, called "Die Skatkis Reeks" (translates to "The Treasure Chest Series") and in hindsight, the books that covered natural science and technological advancements appealed to me by magnitudes more than the other books. I slurped up the content, learning about historical development such as the vehicle engine, steam engines, rockets, ancient warfare, mechanics, geography, biology, wind, pressure,

That's it, Ballito Drivers Suck!

Pardon the straight up bashing, but it's true. Stop signs. Yield signs. Basic navigation around a traffic circle. Cordoned areas on the road. None of these traffic aids mean anything to the majority of vehicle drivers in Ballito. I'm astounded by the sheepish behaviour being presented at the traffic circles especially, because no one person will give way to someone else to improve the general traffic flow. The drivers want to force themselves into the line that is already congested going down to Ashton. I am sure about everyone observed that it is a single lane going down and then split up to a slip lane, straight and right-turn at the traffic light. I do understand that everyone want to get to work, school or wherever they need to be, but for goodness sake people, have some driver's savvy! It ends up being grid-locked because the people won't give way to the vehicles that can still continue and free up traffic space. I have been grieved about Ballito drivers

Inner Conflict

Image Credit: Inner Conflict - Lady Symphonia @ Deviantart  This is a hard topic to discuss, but inner conflict adds mental bounds to the abilities and capabilities of a human, as one has to overcome several hurdles and make out your own set of accepted rules, and stick to that in spite of what the community will say or how they will judge it. Inner Conflict  emotional disturbance resulting from a clash of opposing impulses or from an inability to reconcile contradictions with realist or moral considerations, a fight or struggle "selves" within one-self. Inner gesture a motion expressing a certain emotion. From: Some decisions are made depending on who it will affect, how it will change you and those around you, and whether you think about the changes involved after all. Generally any decision you make, has different levels of acceptability by involved parties - but the catch is that you will never know what that level is exac

What can we do to save our environment?

Yesterday was National Braai Day  in South Africa and to go with a perfect braai, we had a great sunny day. Unfortunately there was one moment that I nearly lost my mind, just because someone had no respect for the environment. I am sure most persons are brought up to clean up after themselves and keep the environment clean. I went with my parents to Umdloti, which is about 20 minute's drive from Ballito. Umdloti is a  coastal holiday town with a beautiful coastline. An effort is made to protect the environment and dustbins are placed all over the place - no excuse to not get rid of your rubbish in an orderly fashion. Image Credit: Short after we parked in a quiet spot to take in the view, a number of parking lots away a vehicle's door opened, and some papers dropped to the ground. "How comfortable." I thought, sitting in the car thinking about people polluting the area. My thoughts did not have a chance to cool do