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What can we do to save our environment?

Yesterday was National Braai Day in South Africa and to go with a perfect braai, we had a great sunny day.

Unfortunately there was one moment that I nearly lost my mind, just because someone had no respect for the environment. I am sure most persons are brought up to clean up after themselves and keep the environment clean.

I went with my parents to Umdloti, which is about 20 minute's drive from Ballito. Umdloti is a  coastal holiday town with a beautiful coastline. An effort is made to protect the environment and dustbins are placed all over the place - no excuse to not get rid of your rubbish in an orderly fashion.
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Short after we parked in a quiet spot to take in the view, a number of parking lots away a vehicle's door opened, and some papers dropped to the ground. "How comfortable." I thought, sitting in the car thinking about people polluting the area. My thoughts did not have a chance to cool down, or the door opened for a second time. I started looking around and saw a couple of rubbish bins around, the closest being within 5 metres from where the car was parked!
But I got really upset when the front passenger opened the door and flicked out some more rubbish like it's the most natural thing to do. There and then, I got out, marched over and indicated that about 5 metres from the car there is a rubbish bin. Just that. Nothing more, nothing less. I turned around and walked back, feeling my hands shaking.
Whether the shaking was from being upset or because I got up and confront a complete stranger for the first time in my life, I don't know. But it was a weird experience.

I am confident that from now on and into the future, I will definitely have the guts to walk op to someone and tell them to get their act together. If we don't look after the environment, where will it end?


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