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Pet Peeve in the Grocery Shops

Today I realised just how bad a pet peeve I have!

Now look, I'm usually the get-in-get-out kind of guy when it comes to grocery shopping. I don't trot around waiting for better days until I check out. Apparently there are a lot of people that will die within a couple of minutes and need to open a sweet packet or carton of juice or something before they reach the till-point.

It annoys the life out of me! For goodness' sake, I can understand when there is a mom with a baby and it looks like she's in need, but when an adult does it, I just want to walk up to them and ask: "Are you happy now? Do you feel like a kid again?" and see their blank reaction.

I am pretty sure it becomes an act of habit, and they don't care. But please mind the people around you. In the eyes of the people that can at least wait until they get out the shop, you look like a criminal.

Please, all these people that can't wait for the shop exit, grow up. Learn a little patience. We are all supposed to be civilised.


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