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Electronic Communications, Postal and Broadcasting Directions, 26 Mar 2020, Section 5.1.4:

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That's it, Ballito Drivers Suck!

Pardon the straight up bashing, but it's true.

Stop signs. Yield signs. Basic navigation around a traffic circle. Cordoned areas on the road. None of these traffic aids mean anything to the majority of vehicle drivers in Ballito.
I'm astounded by the sheepish behaviour being presented at the traffic circles especially, because no one person will give way to someone else to improve the general traffic flow.
The drivers want to force themselves into the line that is already congested going down to Ashton. I am sure about everyone observed that it is a single lane going down and then split up to a slip lane, straight and right-turn at the traffic light.

I do understand that everyone want to get to work, school or wherever they need to be, but for goodness sake people, have some driver's savvy! It ends up being grid-locked because the people won't give way to the vehicles that can still continue and free up traffic space.

I have been grieved about Ballito drivers for a long time, but this morning was the last bit of my sanity going out the window.


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