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Electronic Communications, Postal and Broadcasting Directions, 26 Mar 2020, Section 5.1.4:

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The Complexity of Life

Do we just go into life with no expectations to it?

I did. And doing it that way is a waste as I realised. Every moment is there to be taken and made the best of.
Sometimes we make mistakes. Other times we feel like ruling the environment. You have the ability to make your life a happier place, make it worth while, living it to the max!

You don't have control over the past, you dont have control over the future, NOW is the time to make choices and plan on what you might reach. Might reach? Yes, might reach, for we are not in control over our goals.

Take God's hand and walk the way. Be it Love, be it prosperity, be it the desire to Live!

For what we are about to recive in Life, make us truly Thankful, Amen


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