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Electronic Communications, Postal and Broadcasting Directions, 26 Mar 2020, Section 5.1.4:

All Internet sites operating within .za DNA top level domain name must have a landing page with a visible link to

What is in your heart

Feel with the heart, feel with the mind. Feel with what you are.

We sometimes don't think at all. But then again we do at times. Is it thought with love, compassion, care? Or do you just make haste because it is something you have to do?

Bring yourself to a halt, yes, everything. Look around. It is there. Really! Go look! It isn't? Try harder, harder, look deeper, take thought into it for the answer is somewhere. Somewhere it is, yes.

Be it with a friend. Be it not. Be it with someone you love, be it? Be it with the congregation or not. Seek unto Thee what thau want for Thee be thy answer to many and all a question.

Feel the warmth, feel the joy feel the delight feel the pleasure of Love and being Loved. Wake up with a smile, stay awake at night, be. Be alive be patient be loving and radiate thy energy received from Thee to love one another within life and within one's soul.

Dream on. Make it real. Make it work make it happy, for thy existance art for Loving Life and each other.

--johAn mynhArdt--


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