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Electronic Communications, Postal and Broadcasting Directions, 26 Mar 2020, Section 5.1.4:

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Seasons Greetings!!

Well, the year is almost on its back and life as we know it makes no attempt at slowing down. Therefore I just want to set aside some time and wish everyone a wonderful festive time.

There is a lot of people working during this time to keep everyone else going and happy, and these people especially need a word of inspiration. So on behalf of everyone that might want to thank the people in this busy times but do not have the time I would like to thank them all. There are too many occupations to name them all but to everyone out there working in this time, a word of thanks and blessings during this time.

For the people being so lucky as to travel to family and friends, enjoy this time of year with your loved ones and try to avoid conflict and differences. You have the rest of the year to disagree on senseless topics and issues.

Be responsible during this time and remember that no amount of any drug can enhance the times being with other people. If it does, it's not long term. Try being nice to the people around, even the grumpy old lady you don't like. Deep inside her heart she has feelings too. The same for the old man you like to curse at when he's making you upset.

Change your perspective for a little while and think of other people too. We all tend to become selfish bastards and seem like rough rude persons to other people.

Until 2010, be someone else, someone good and spread a little joy.


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