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Once Upon a Time

What actually seem to be just the other day was about 9 months ago!

Today is a public holiday in South Africa and I figured that with the extra day of relaxation I can update some of the places on the web that I hardly get time to visit.
So firstly a happy National Women's Day to all the women here in South Africa!

One of the first changes I made this morning was the theme of my blog! I did not plan on doing anything like that, but upon login I saw there's a new template designer and I got an itch to scratch. Behold, my new theme :>

The only reason for not posting here in 9 months is that work kept me busy. Really busy. I've learned a lot and I still do learn new things every day. The one major benchmark I use to compare myself against is the feed system at work. I recall that it took a lot of time to set up that system. Nearly 2 weeks... It was blood, sweat and tears. No really, it was that big an issue for me :P JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) systems often cause you to send a flow of cursing. Much like the Mobile Widget episode...

Now that was even worse than working with JEE applications/servers. The differences between normal browsers and the specialized environments for mobile devices caused pure frustration to roam freely. Well, don't forget my inexperience to all of the involved technologies as I have never been a great supporter of JavaScript. GWT (Google Web Toolkit) was used to develop the application for the Nokia N97. After the long struggle my boss jumped in to help and in the end we got the 5th position in the Nokia, Calling All Innovators competition.

Other highligts during the past time include my Java skills increasing a lot. I usually focussed on Linux whenever I work and one of my online buddies that is a great Java developer, suggested I rather spend more time on improving my Java development. I took on the recommendation and it paid off! Although I'm nowhere near being solid at development, I feel good about what I have achieved. To get back to the benchmark I was talking about earlier... Now with all my developed skills, I was able to deploy that same system twice in 1 day! So, much improvement with time and it leaves me with a feeling of being pleased with my achievement.

I'd like to propose a toast to my title as a Junior Java developer at Thumbtribe Mobile Solutions :) *Cheers*


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