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Facts of Life being a software developer

Lately I have been riding the development roller-coaster and it leaves you with mixed emotions, some which you do not need, and others you really enjoy. But choosing the path less travelled by means to accept the fact that you have to explore the unknown.

The unknown? Yes, the unknown. Even though there are so much resources to start from, every little thing in development is in the state of the "unknown" at some point. It is something that you have to figure out or struggle with by yourself. For example it does not mean that if you can write on paper that you will write the next best-selling novel or that if you can dice unions that you can be a surgeon. Physically they have something in relation, mentally it is something totally different.

At work the cycles are something similar. You know the bare basics but to complete the task you have to dig in the mud, getting down and dirty, even finding that sometimes the mud can be more than just mud. Every time just as I start to feel confident in my work, something comes my way that really discourages me after a while. But fact of the matter is that I cannot back down. Not that I want to, but sometimes you just wish it was a little bit easier.

Currently I'm working on a Java EE 6 project using Vaadin as the web layer technology. It appear that the guys working on the project really know what they are doing, but again, if it could just be a little bit easier it would be great. Days went past that I felt nauseous all day long because I sit with something simple and cannot get it done right. Then just as I am about to throw in the towel, things progress but just to find myself at the start of the next bash-and-advance-cycle.
The same thing happened when I was working on a project that uses GWT in the web-layer. Comparing GWT and Vaadin is in one way not really meant to be. They have different approaches and ways of doing things, but in the end Vaadin is the winner when it comes to saving time and understanding how it works.

I don't know how long this is going to last as we will be using JSF on future projects because it is more of a standard under Java EE 6 than a nice to have framework. I'm keen on going that path, but for now I have to finish this hellish project I currently have under my ownership.

So, in other words: There never is a dull moment for a Java Developer.


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