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Digging Deeper into Programming - The Pragmatic Programmer

I'm sure that every now and then every person has the urge to improve something in his or her life or some part of his or her life. Be it personal matters or matters of personal interest in one's job.

It's been a while since I started reading a book, The Pragmatic Programmer, which discuss various aspects/perspectives/attitudes in programming and being a developer. Now this is one of those books that doesn't quite read like a storybook. Read, absorb, absorb some more, read a little, forget about the book, pick it up again and repeat cycle.
But during one of these cycles it became clear to me that sometimes it is for the better when you don't make a lot of progress while reading. A lot of the time it simply means that you are not ready for the content which you are about to take in. When you are ready, you will continue and you will most probably see why you were not inspired to read on. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a project and many a time I lost my motivation, but then I take a mental break, clean my mind and continue. For some reason, during this time I acquired habits that's discussed in the book and then it just makes me smile.

To work hard is not a problem for me, since I realise that to get somewhere in life, I have to. Skills and knowledge doesn't come from poking around the air all day and all night. It might appear that some people do have this godly ability to just be able to do anything. Kudos to them, but that won't last forever. However, if you can get your hands on this book (The Pragmatic Programmer) you might actually speed up the process of becoming a better developer. Everything takes time and as I said, you shouldn't be expecting to read it front to back in one go.
Applying every bit of knowledge from the book will help in the long run and when one day in the future you look back, you will be thankful that you did make an effort into improving your abilities.

On a side note, I have just started reading on 2 items, a tutorial/article and an online book:

There is no target as to when I want to complete these because they are both monsters to absorb.


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