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Maven: from Scratch to Production

So, talking in front of people made me nervous. While it can only be the worst benchmark for me, I'm looking forward to improve my presentation in the future.

The presentation covered Maven from creating a project to Continuous Integration using Apache Continuum.

My aim is to create an example project that can be used. I have spent a long time getting to the point where I could produce this. It was not easy and there are some features that I would like to fix in due time, but for now, my presentation is looking good enough :)

The actual project resources are not available as yet. I did a localhost set up, but for it to be perfect, I need to set it up in a real-world environment.

In the meantime, enjoy the presentation! (We were pressed for time, so I tried to keep it as short as possible, giving a basic overview of what is needed.


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