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Where Life takes me

So more than a year passed since my last post here on blogspot. While all this time passed a lot has happened in several parts of my existence and I hope to cover most of them in this post.

The reason that I have not used blogspot for the past time is that I had (still have) a domain and put most of my effort there. It was not too long ago that I have lost more than a year's worth of MySQL data including all my posts that were priceless to me. Sometimes I still wish I could be mad at myself for the loss, but it was out of my control and bad management. This morning the urge to write a post again came alive and then I questioned myself as to why I am not using my blogspot account and continue on a platform that has better management?

I am happy with myself and what I have achieved the past year. With all the bumps and slowdowns I can say with certainty that my life is at one of its highest peaks ever. Matters are coming together and independence is only a little while away. I finally started my career at a great company called Thumbtribe Mobile Solutions where I have the title of Junior Java Developer and although it felt that I am being thrown in at the deep end when I started, I can finally say that my swimming instinct have kicked in.
I have a long way to go, but I will be there soon enough. The people that I work with are awesome and I'm privileged to have this opportunity. Technologies we use are cutting edge and with that I mean that we are not bound by legacy systems to make the business functional.
The project that I had to work on since my arrival at the company was the mobile widget we created for the Nokia N97 and it was entered into the Nokia Calling all Innovators - Africa competition. It achieved a 5th place and US$ 10,000 for the company! See event photo's.

Meh, I have some stuff to do, so keep your eyes open for any edits to this post!


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